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Designated Driver is a made-up mocktail brand for my Package Design class. I was only given the specific dimensions of the packaging and a can. I wanted to create a mocktail brand that doesn't hide the fact that it is not an alcoholic beverage and gives the user a sense of pride. This is for those who aren't of age to drink yet, trying to cut back, or are literally the designated driver for the group and they don't have to feel bad about not partaking in the fun. I started with the name because whenever someone says they are not drinking they are almost always the designated driver now. So no pun intended I was able to use that as a vehicle for the entire brand. From the logo that could be on the front of an actual car to even including the bumper stickers that cover the box. I created the vehicle for someone not drinking and wanting to brag about it, and inside is their non-alcoholic beverage.